Someone once told me that I am really good at giving advice, but when it comes to taking my own medicine, I suck. I give advice to people all the time – about living in the moment, about being grateful for what you have, I am all about following dreams and listening to that little voice we all have inside of us.

But over the last couple of weeks months, I just lost it. Everything began to annoy me. I was stressed and pissed off and just tired. I wanted to move back to Australia where I had friends and family and a cafe table with my name on it. I wanted life to be simple again.

Living abroad can be a struggle. It can be a fight. It can make you tired. Or it can be the best thing for you, it can open you up to possibility, people, chances. It can teach you lessons, help you grow and make you more patient. Yesterday I decided to stop focusing on what I don’t have and begin focusing on what I do have.

I wrote an article about gratitude about a week ago, and now I have to start taking some of my own medicine. I have to start saying thank you – out loud. So here are some things I am grateful for. There are many, but here are just a few.

  • I have access to fresh fruit and vegetables every day.
  • I make money doing what I love.
  • I have a home, a roof over my head, which is filled with warmth, colour and happy memories.
  • I have time to do what I love.
  • I have beautiful people in my life who make me smile and want to be a better person.
  • I am healthy and have energy to be as active as I like.
  • There is nothing stopping me from doing what I want with my life.
  • I have a supportive network of family and friends around the world who make me feel loved and cared for.
  • I have about 10 different types of teas in my cupboard.
  • I have access to education and love to learn.
  • I have time to be creative.
  • I sleep in a comfy bed, not a mattress on the floor (anymore).
  • I am in touch with that little voice inside me.
  • I can watch television in Spanish and not feel utterly and completely lost.
  • I have received breakfast in bed more in this last month than I have in 28 years of life.

What are you grateful for? If you’re having a hard time and need a nudge in the right direction, have a go at writing down what you’re grateful for. Here are five steps on how you can live life with more gratitude, courtesy of an article I wrote recently for SheKnows.


Grateful Living

You’ve slept through your alarm, the kids are late for school and you’d much rather be at home reading a book than going to that work meeting. But if we take a deep breath and a step back, we really do have a lot to be grateful for, don’t we? Here are five ways to live life with more gratitude and use this gratitude to fuel our everyday lives.

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