Things to do in Bogota

Did you know it was a fight over a flower vase that signaled the beginning of Colombia’s fight for independence? It’s absolutely true, and if you find yourself in Bogota you can visit the spot where it actually happened – the Vase Museum, or the Museum of the 20th of July. This city is full of history and a walk through Plaza Bolivar will transport you back in time.

So, what happened with the vase? Well, when Bogota’s nationalists asked to borrow a flower vase from a well-known merchant on the 20th of July back in 1810, they did it knowing he would refuse and this was as good as any excuse to start a riot.

The people were ready for it and it triggered the beginning of the revolution led by Simon Bolivar. It was followed by battles and celebrations, and now Colombians the world over continue to celebrate their independence all around the world on this day.

From Colombia’s capital to small pueblitos dotted throughout the countryside, there are celebrations including everything from concerts to multi-day hiking trails where people are invited to relive the journey of Colombia’s liberator Simon Bolivar.

Trekkers go on the same journey el Liberador took more than 200 years ago with his army of men through 20 municipalities.

But Colombians are celebrating this day everywhere, not just in Colombia. More than 6 million Colombian’s were reportedly living abroad in 2010, and they’re celebrating their independence the world over. So Colombians, where ever you are, whether it’s here in Colombia or Japan, or Australia or somewhere else:

Happy Independence Day!
Colombia World Cup

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