Cafes in Bogota


I have had my fair share of hot chocolates in Bogotá. On a particularly cold week, I am sure to down a cozy cup or two – whether I make it at home myself or head into town for some sweet chocolate and cheese action, it has become quite the treat.

But when I heard that the best hot chocolate in Bogotá is made at a Pastelería called La Florida, I had to check it out.

A delicious cup of hot chocolate, Pastelería la Florida

A delicious cup of hot chocolate, Pastelería la Florida

Back in 1934 a Spanish chap came to this fine area of Colombia and opened up his very well-known establishment two years later. La Florida has been baking bread and producing delicious desserts ever since.

For cooking buffs and food lovers, the bakery is on display, with a window for patrons to peek through while eating at the Panadería.

Spread across two levels, with elegantly-dressed waiters and well-presented tables, I sat down to a Tamal Tolimnese with hot choco. It ended up being a huge meal of tamal, hot chocolate, cheese, three types of bread, butter and jam. Lucky I was sharing.

Hot chocolate and then some!

Hot chocolate and then some!

If you’re ever in Bogotá be sure to check it out. Get cozy in one of the tables upstairs, sip a hot chocolate on a rainy Bogotá day and enjoy a moment of quiet time in this busy city.

Where is it?

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