You know you're living in Colombia when
  1. You find it weird when you can’t buy one egg at a time in your home country.
  2. It is completely normal to drink milk, water and juice from a bag.
  3. There is nothing at all weird about a tyre blocking your way on a bus.
  4. You hover above your seat on the bus, don’t want to get bum germs do we.
  5. Accidentally getting to second base on the Transmilenio doesn’t bother you any more.
  6. Cheese dunked in hot chocolate is a match made in heaven.
  7. You correct your friends for writing Columbia. It’s Colombia not Columbia!
  8. You scoff at the thought of a gluten-free diet.
  9. Breakfast just isn’t complete without an arepa!
  10. You cried during El Ídolo.
  11. You stare when you see foreigners walking down the street.
  12. Christmas in other countries just doesn’t compare.
  13. Pictures of the Pope, the Virgin Mary and Jesus on the cross are pretty standard home decor.
  14. You don’t think it’s strange at all that you can buy alcohol in boxes instead of bottles.
  15. You visit your homeland and have a habit of saying gracias and buenos dias.
  16. You can’t remember what a bus stop is.
  17. Instead of eating chocolate eggs for Easter, you went to church.
  18. You listen to Vallenato.
  19. Arriving an hour late to dinner is completely normal.
  20. You regularly visit the peluqueria for a mani-pedi.
  21. You know all the lyrics to your favourite Reggaeton songs.*
  22. You buy minutes on the street.
  23. When someone asks you how you are, you find yourself saying: Good, good, thanks to God.*
  24. It’s completely normal to have spaghetti, chips, arepa and rice as sides on the one dish.
  25. You know the difference between a Rolo, Paisa and a Costeño.

Do you have anything to add to the list? Let me know!