100 Places to visit in Colombia

This has got to be one of the most ambitious posts that I have ever posted on Sarepa.com. First I wanted to do a video about my top 5 places to visit in Colombia, then that number became 20, then 50 and before I knew it I was writing a list of 100 destinations, which just seemed crazy. So, for the last couple of months (yes, really!), I’ve been collating this list of places to visit in Colombia, some of which I’ve visited myself (60 so far!), others I’ve yet to explore. I’m sure there are still a bunch of places that I’ve failed to mention, too, so don’t hesitate to let me know what I’ve missed in the comments section. In the meantime, though, especially if you’re planning to travel to Colombia soon, check out the list and think about some of the places you’re looking forward to visiting yourself.

First up, here is the video that started it all. My Top 5 Places to visit in Colombia:


1. Santa Fe de Antioquia

2. Alumbrados, Christmas lights in Medellin



3. Parque Arvi, Medellin


4. Plaza de Botero, Medellin


5. Pueblito Paisa, Medellin


6. Flower Festival, Medellin

7. Barefoot park – Parque de los Pies Descalzos, Medellin


Image: Guia de Viajes Oficial de Medellin/Flickr

8. Metro Cable, Medellin


9. Spain Library – Biblioteca de Espana, Medellin

10. Parque Lleras, Medellin


11. El Poblado, Medellin

12. Jardin Botanico – Botanical Gardens, Medellin

13. La Piedra del Peñol, Guatape

14. Bolivar Square – Plaza Bolivar, Bogota


15. Monserrate, Bogota


16. La Candelaria, Bogota


17. Usaquen, Bogota

18. Andres D.C., Bogota


19. Botero Museum, Bogota


20. Primary Cathedral of Bogota


21. Casa de Moneda de Colombia, Bogota

22. Gold Museum, Bogota



23. La Calera, Bogota

24. Andres Carne de Res, Chia


25. Wax Palms of Cocora Valley


26. Town of Zipaquira



27. Catedral de Sal, Zipaquira


28. The walled city of Cartagena de Indias

Image: Pedro Szekely/Wikimedia


29. Volcan de Lodo El Totumo, Mud Volcano

30. Baru and Rosario Islands, Cartagena de Indias

31. Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, Cartagena



32. Tayrona National Park


33. Lake Guatavita

Image: BritishMuseum/Wikimedia

Image: BritishMuseum/Wikimedia

34. Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Places to visit in Colombia, Sierra Nevada, Santa Marta

35. The Lost City, Sierra Nevada

Sarah Duncan Ciudad Perdida


36. National Coffee Park, Montenegro

Places to Visit in Colombia - Coffee Park

37. Carnival de Barranquilla

38. Calima Lake, Valle del Cauca

Places to visit in Colombia, Calima Lake Places to visit in Colombia, Calima Lake Places to visit in Colombia, Calima Lake

39. Nevado de Tolima, Tolima

Place to visit colombia, Nevado del Tolima

40. Ibague Folk Festival, Tolima

Places to visit Colombia, Ibague

41. Honda, The City of Bridges




42. San Sebastian de Mariquita, Mariquita


43. San Antonio, Cali

44. Feria de Cali, Cali

45. Iglesia de la Ermita, Cali

46. Parque de las Poetas, Cali

Places to visit in Colombia - Parque de los Poetas

Image: El Pais

47. Cristo Rey, Cali

48. Cerro de las Tres Cruces, Cali

49. Petronio Alvarez Festival, Cali


50. Catedral Señor de los Milagros, Buga

51. Statue of Sebastián de Belalcázar, Cali

Places to visit in Colombia, Cali

52. Tin Tin Deo Salsa bar, Cali

53. Nuqui, Choco

54. Bahia Solano, Choco

55. Playa Blanca, Tayrona Park


56. Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino, Santa Marta

Places to visit Colombia Quinta San Pedro Alejandrino, Santa Marta, Colombia

57. Simon Bolivar Memorial Monument, Santa Marta

Places to visit in Colombia - Simon Bolivar Memorial Monument

58. El Rodadero, Santa Marta

Places to visit in Colombia - Rodadero, Santa Marta

59. Catedral de Mompos


60. Iglesia de Santa Barbara, Mompos

61.  Termales de Choconta

Places to visit in Colombia - Choconta

62. Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, Villa De Leyva

63. Pozos Azules, Blue Lakes, Villa de Leyva

64. Casa Terracota, Villa de Leyva

65. Plaza Principal (Main Plaza), Villa de Leyva


66. Cano Cristales, La Macarena

Image: Awake Adventures

Image: Awake Adventures

67. The Amazon Jungle

Places to Visit Colombia, Amazon Jungle

Image: Wikimedia

68. Leticia, The Amazon

69. La Guajira

70. La Guajira Peninsula

71. Acuario and Johnny Cay, San Andres

Places to visit in Colombia - San Andres, Colombia

Places to visit in Colombia - San Andres, Colombia

72. El Hoyo Soplador, San Andres

Places to visit in Colombia - San Andres, Colombia

73. Providencia and Santa Catalina

Places to visit in Colombia, Providencia and Santa Catalina

Image: Colombia Travel/Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/colombia_travel/4624314657/

74. Rockclimbing cliffs of Suesca

Places to visit in Colombia, Suesca adventure-activities-colombia-sarepa-feature-2

75. Biggest flying fox in South America, Tobia

Places to visit in Colombia, Tobia Zipline

76. Parque Caldas, Popayan

77. Purace Volcano, Popayan

78. Holy Week, Popayan

79. San Agustin Archelogical Park, San Agustin


Image: Frontier

80. Coffee Plantation, Quindio

81. Penas Blancas rock faces, Quindio

82. White water rafting in San Gil, Santander

83. Carnival of Blacks and Whites, Pasto

84. Chingaza National Park, Cundinamarca

85. Manizales

86. Torre del Cable, Manizales

87. Catedral Basílica Nuestra Señora del Rosario de Manizales

88. Chicamocha Canyon

89. Santa Rosa de Cabal

90. Chinia Falls, Fomeque

91. Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary, Chinquinquira


92. Festival Llanero, Villavicencio

93. Playas de Ladrilleros, Buenaventura

94. Vallenato Legend Festival, Valledupar

95. Las Lajas Cathedral, Ipiales

96. Salento, Quindio

Places to visit in Colombia - Salento

97. Montenegro

98. Sierra Nevada del Cocuy

99. Rio Magdalena

Places to visit in Colombia - Rio Magdalena

100. Aracataca, the birthplace of Gabriel Garcia Marquez

What have I missed? There are so many beautiful places in Colombia, I’m sure I missed a bunch. Have many of these places have you visited? Let me know in the comments section below.