What is an arepa


You mean you don’t know? You haven’t tasted these delicious crispy corn disks?

Well, firstly, sorry.

Because you are absolutely missing out.

The arepa comes in many different forms. From the soft and fluffy cheese-topped variety, to the thin and crispy type just begging for your favourite toppings.

But I have had to learn to deal with the fact that arepas are not for everyone. They’ve been described as bland and boring, but I scoff at the thought.

Not once have I heard someone liking pizza but describing the base as bland and boring.

I consider arepas to be in the same field really. Sure, they don’t have much taste by themselves, but grill them and add your favourite toppings and they are quickly transformed into a delicious meal.

My favourite arepa toppings:

– Keeping it simple with butter and salt
– Avocado and a pinch of salt (my favourite)
– Left overs from last night’s dinner
– Butter and quesito (a delicious soft cheese)
– Egg and cheese
– Mini arepa pizzas – tomato salsa or aji, cheese, basil and chorizo
– Use your imagination and create your own arepa snack!

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