What to wear in Colombia

A pair of short, some flip flops (or thongs!) and a white singlet – that is my go-to outfit. And based on that outfit alone, you could probably hazard a guess that I’m Australian, or rather, from Brisbane in Australia.

In Brisbane especially, we’re known for our laid back approach to life, fashion included. It’s often said that people from southern states like Victoria and New South Wales come to Queensland on holiday and gasp at the lack of our fashion prowess. “People in Brisbane just don’t make the effort!” I’ve heard people from Sydney say.

It’s the proximity to the beach, the hot weather and the small town kind of vibe that invites people to be pretty relaxed about their personal attire. But what about in Colombia?

What to wear in Colombia:

What do people wear in Colombia? Does it vary from city to city? Having travelled throughout the country I can say with certainty that the way people dress varies depending on the region that you’re in.

In Bogota, there’s the daily threat of a downpour, broken up by moments of blue skies and bright sunlight. All these elements combined force you to wear layers of clothing that you can slowly peel off as the weather changes.

In Cali, the brighter the clothing the better. Colourful jeans are a must, big earrings are your go-to fashion accessory and shoes which are easy to dance salsa in are perfect, too.

And when it comes to Medellin, there’s a big gym culture over there, so that sporty vibe filters its way into the everyday street wear. Don’t worry, you don’t have to actually be sport to dress sporty.

If you’re heading to some of these different areas of Colombia and want to know how to dress to fit in with the locals, here are my tips for what to wear in Colombia. Take a look below and let me know what you think!


What to wear in Colombia

Bogota: 1. Hot-looking sunnies to protect you from the Bogota glare, $127; 2. A hooded jacket just in case it rains (it will!), $28; 3. Jeans, Colombian women love their jeans (who doesn’t?), $35; 4. A traditional Wayuu Mochila, $100; 5. Low-cut boots for walking in Bogota puddles, $30.

What to wear in Colombia

Cali: 6. A smokin’ pair of Aviator Sunglasses, $120; 7. A brightly-coloured light-weight singlet, $6; 8. The loudest possible jeans you can find, $20; 9. Dangling colourful earrings, $3; 10. Strappy sandals, $17.


What to wear in Colombia

Medellin: 11. You’ll fit right in with a flat cap, $45; 12. You’re going to need to wear a singlet in Medellin, perfect for the balmy weather, $14; 13. skinny jeans, $30; 14. Just do it later hoodie, $12; 15. Joggers, not necessarily for jogging, $100. Please note that the above links are affiliate links.

What do you think? What do you wear in Colombia? If you’re an expat in Colombia, do you try to fit in with the locals, or just dress as you normally would back home? Let me know in the comments section below, I’d love to hear what you think.

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