Christmas in Colombia

1. During Christmas in Colombia there are Christmas lights everywhere. The Christmas lights anywhere else in the world just won’t compare to the lights in Medellin:





2. A Christmas meal just won’t be the same without some fried cheese balls (Bunuelos) and a custard dish called Natilla:

Christmas-in-Colombia-Colombian-Christmas-FoodPhoto credit: Ciro Duran

Christmas-in-Colombia-Food-Natilla3. Even if you’re not religious, you’ll miss the novena songs about baby Jesus that families gather to sing in their homes:


4. And you’ll miss how dedicated Colombians are to getting into the Christmas spirit:


5. You’ll miss the Little Candle Day celebrations and wonder why everyone doesn’t celebrate December 7th by lining the roads with candles:


6. A Christmas celebration just won’t be the same without epic Colombian nightclubs complete with free bunuelos, alcohol and nativity scene dance shows:



7. You’ll miss celebrating Christmas dinner at midnight on Christmas Eve, the perfect time to dig in to your favourite foods:

Photo credit: Catalina Valencia

8. You’ll wonder why everyone doesn’t celebrate Christmas with a party in the street:


9. You’ll miss celebrating Christmas over an entire month, not just over a couple of days:


10. You’ll reminisce about how, although it has recently been changing, the holidays aren’t so much about commercialism but more about spending time with the family and helping out those less fortunate than you:



Have you spent a Christmas in Colombia? I want to hear all about it! Let me know what you got up to in the comments below.

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Christmas in Colombia

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