Travel Colombia

Image: Martin St Amant/wikimedia

Oh, Colombia. You have stolen many a foreigner’s heart. The hospitality, the food, the warm smiles, the warmer weather, the parties, the idyllic regions dotted around the place.

People from around the world are flocking to the country, deciding to travel Colombia, and in great numbers. According to Colombia Reports, tourism in Colombia has grown by almost 300% since 2002, when just over 500,000 foreigners visited the country.

That figure reportedly jumped to close to 2 million in 2014. So with an influx of tourism, no doubt foreigners, myself included, have felt a connection to the country.

We’ve been invited into homes, we’ve been introduced to the local cuisines, we’ve learnt to dance salsa and cumbia and (when the lights are dim) even reggaeton.

So, if you fancy yourself a Colombian at heart, take a look at this travel Colombia quiz I’ve created and learn how Colombian you really are.

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How Colombian are you?

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