Cali foods your stomach will love you for

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One of the greatest things about travel (at least for me) is learning about, and eating copious amounts of, the local food. And Cali is not exception. While the city is well known for salsa dancing and elaborate festivals, Cali is also known for its food. Here are just some of the foods and drinks are famous in this city, and what you must try while you’re here. Trust me, your stomach will thank you for it. Your waistline… not so much!

1. Pandebono

Pandebono is a simple but delicious cheese bread that is sold all throughout the city but mostly eaten for breakfast.  There are a few local legends about how Pandebono got its name – some say it was because of an Italian who used to call them Pan de Buono or “the good bread”. Whatever the case, you know a bread has got to be good when it features in a classic Salsa song!

2. Chontaduros

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Known as the Peach Palm Fruit in English, chontaduros have got to be the most popular fruit in Cali. They’re often eaten by the roadside and are said to be good for the libido, too!

3. Champus

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Now, you’d be forgiven for think that champus sounds like an absurd concoction. Who would ever think to mix corn and pineapple in a drink, anyway? But actually, if you do give it a try, it’s actually not so bad. It just tastes like a tropical cocktail and is actually quite filling.  

4. Lulada

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A lulada is one of the most traditional drinks from the Valle de Cauca region. It’s made by mixing the fruit lulo with water, ice and sugar. Apparently it makes for a pretty good cocktail too, just add alcohol.

5. Aborrajado

Aborrajado is a ball of sweet plantain stuffed with cheese. A sweet, cheesy, fried ball of goodness.

6. Hojaldras

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Hojaldras are a fried dough dusted with sugar that is usually eaten around Christmas time in Colombia. I get the feeling, though, that they’re particularly popular in Cali all year round! They’re delicious with your tintico or a cup of Colombia hot chocolate.

7. Marranitos

Cali food: Marranitos

Marranitos, which means little pigs in English, are another plantain-stuffed snack. This time the plantain is the savoury variety and instead of being stuffed with cheese, it’s filled with crispy pork rinds, or chicharron.

What are some of your favourite foods and drinks from Cali? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Cali foods that your stomach will thank you for!