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Christmas in Colombia
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Why celebrating Christmas in Colombia will ruin the holiday for you forever

1. During Christmas in Colombia there are Christmas lights everywhere. The Christmas lights anywhere else in the world just won’t compare to the lights in Medellin: 2. A Christmas meal just won’t be the same without some fried cheese balls (Bunuelos) and a custard dish…

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Empanadas - Colombian food worth putting on weight for this Christmas
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Colombian Street Food with La Mesa Food Tours (VIDEO)

Colombian street food isn’t something to be feared or avoided. It’s made by industrious people sharing their food favourites from street corners or small hole-in-the-wall kiosks. These are the places where local Colombians pick up lunch, or have a snack between meetings. This is where…

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What is an arepa
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What is an arepa?

WHAT IS AN AREPA?! You mean you don’t know? You haven’t tasted these delicious crispy corn disks? Well, firstly, sorry. Because you are absolutely missing out. The arepa comes in many different forms. From the soft and fluffy cheese-topped variety, to the thin and crispy…

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