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Hi, there! I'm Sarepa.

Actually, my name is Sarah but people call me Sarepa. I have an arepa addiction to thank for that. What's an arepa? You mean you don't know? Firstly, I'm sorry. Secondly, thank god you made it. Here you'll find a collection of stories about food, travel, art and even some posts about the humble arepa. Enjoy!    



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Gringa-Latina: Experiences of a half-Hispanic expat living in Colombia

I am a walking caricature of a Latina. I have curly dark hair, brown eyes, tan skin and hips that knock cups off tables. But even with my stereotypical...

Expats in Colombia: Steven Dillon from Other Way Round

In life there are generally two types of people – those who dream and those who act on those dreams and Steven Dillon is definitely the latter! After becoming...