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Hi, there! I'm Sarepa.

Actually, my name is Sarah but people call me Sarepa. I have an arepa addiction to thank for that. What's an arepa? You mean you don't know? Firstly, I'm sorry. Secondly, thank god you made it. Here you'll find a collection of stories about food, travel, art and even some posts about the humble arepa. Enjoy!    



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Colombian Coffee Triangle
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The Colombian coffee triangle and the history of coffee in the country

They say that truth is often stranger than fiction and that is often the case in Colombia. The history of the country is so colourful, so downright unbelievable and often bewildering that no one could possibly make these stories up. The same goes with the Colombian coffee…

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Travel to Iran

Welcome to Iran!

It’s 6 o’clock in the morning and we’re met at the airport by my partner’s brother and best friend. After a bit of fumbling through customs and immigration, there are hugs, smiles and a beautiful bunch of flowers waiting for us, quickly making me feel welcome….

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Expats in Colombia: Meet Viktoria from Chronic Wanderlust

Moving to Colombia was a leap in the deep end for Viktoria, both figuratively and literally. The Austrian travel blogger and dive enthusiasts has found herself living in Colombia thanks to...

Expats in Colombia: Meet Tiffany Kohl from Gringo Tuesdays

If you’re travelling through Bogota or you’re an expat in Colombia, then heading along to Gringo Tuesdays at La Villa is a rite of passage. The night begins with...