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Hi, there! I'm Sarepa.

Actually, my name is Sarah but people call me Sarepa. I have an arepa addiction to thank for that. What's an arepa? You mean you don't know? Firstly, I'm sorry. Secondly, thank god you made it. Here you'll find a collection of stories about food, travel, art and even some posts about the humble arepa. Enjoy!    



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Expats in Colombia: Meet Karen Attman from Flavors of Bogota

I really wanted to meet up with Karen Attman when I was in Bogota recently, but unfortunately her holidays coincided with mine and we just missed each other. If...

Meet expats Jack and Jean from Casa Elemento and the Tayrona Sailing Hostel

Jack and Jean were the two very first friends I made in Colombia when I moved to Bogota in 2012. They are the sweetest, most adventurous people I’ve ever...